Resources about "Prop" trading, firms, books, articles and stuff

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  1. A thread for resources about "Prop" trading, firms, books, articles and stuff. Please add anything relevant that you found.

    - Prop Firms Directory

    - Listing of Proprietary Trading Firms

    - List of Proprietary Trading Firms

    - Prop Firm Reviews

    - One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading (by Mike Bellafiore),descCd-ebook.html
  2. Actually including velez and vaccaro in this group, kind of makes one wonder.

    And half the other links seem to be gone. Not many solid firms left it seems.

  3. Agree. A good number of the smaller shops have consolidated or gone out of business. The scams come and go. Even the bigger groups have found it tougher - the fact that more firms are offering training to bolster their bottom line is telling