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    We're in the midst of earnings season and I'm spending too much time figuring out which are the major stocks likely to be big movers. Is there a good website where the stocks are listed so I can put them in my basket to monitor?

    Thank you
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    There are numerous web sites that list the schedule of earnings announcements. Is that what you're after?
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    yes, but I don't want a long list of every company that is announcing. Just like a list of 5 or so stocks each day with heavy volume likely to make big moves. Currently I use a third party screener to scan everything, but if I had a short list I could use my custom screener with excel.
  5. 1) Larger-cap stocks will tend to have more volume. :cool:
    2) Smaller-cap and mid-cap stocks will tend to have more price movement if the "number" is "off". :eek:
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    I think it would be great if such a site exists. But who knows what stocks are "likely" to move? Great earnings but a penny short can be a flat line or a plummet. Who knows? If you're going to trade the move post EA, that's a different story.

    I have no idea what your filter criteria are so here's a generic approach. Build your own database. Look at all stocks above X dollars. Include all optionable stocks whose front month implied volatility tends to expand quite a bit, preferably 4 letter critters (NAZ) as well as all that have had big moves over the past coupla quarters. Alternatively, just follow the big ones ala GOOG, ISRG, AMZN, AAPL, FSLR, etc.

    When I'm chasing earnings plays, I download a few weeks of upcomings (with options) and pair them with IV numbers from McMillan's site. I toss anything with an IV below 30 and price below 25. I then do two sorts, one on price and one on IV, in descending order. Then I hit the option chains looking for issues that meet my criteria.

    Yeh, an accurate cherry picking web site would be a pleasure :)
  7. pit bull has an earnings type service, also esi has earnings info, and the free emails from better trades have earnings info.