Resource consumption comparison of Amibroker and NinjaTrader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by clearpicks, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Did anyone ever do a comparison between Amibroker and NinjaTrader charting regarding to the CPU resource consumption using IB as datafeed with candlesticks and volume as the only things shown on the charts?
    I am looking for charting software with less resource consumption as a complement to my eSignal charts. As you know, eSignal is a resource hog, I have to pick a light weight charting software to leave enough CPU resource to eSignal.

    - Clearpicks
  2. Why not download both (Ami + NT) and try them. I believe both have try before you buy offers.
  3. i think ami's less resource hog, but less user friendly. havent used it in awhile

    download both, then decide.
  4. didn't we have one of our Russian's on board check into this and find Ninja was near the top (Neoticker pulling up the