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  1. I'm a programmer / trader and love developing trading systems. And yes, I'm well aware that this does not make me anything special. I'm looking for a forum/resource that has other serious developers, the kind that have taken the time to write their own program, so they are not tied down to a commercial trading program. My guess is it does not exist, but if someone here knows of one, I would much appreciate if you point me the way.
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    all of the trader's forums i been to relied on commerical software for backtesting (amibroker, tradestation, wealthlabs, metatrader etc).

    i think a maybe a quant forum might have developers that uses their own program.

    by the way, if u can make +200% annual returns conservatively, this is what will happen:

    Start: $100k
    Year 1 : $300k
    Year 2 : $900k
    Year 3 : $2.7mil
    Year 4 : $8.1mil
    Year 5 : $24.3mil

    And so on....So starting with a $100k account you can retire with $2.7mil by year 3. Kind of funny isn't it?

    For your 50% a month system:

    Start: $100k
    Year 1 : $12.9mil

    Erm...i think thats it. If you can make 50% a month, u'll have $12.9mil by year 1 using a $100k account.

    In fact, you can set up your own fund. With 200% conservative performance, u'll get billions in investor funds.

    No, i'm not trying to flame you. Just showing u why your previous post encountered resistance. Even if you really believe u can clock 50%/mth or 200%/year, just tone it down by 1 decimal place...5%/mth or 20%/year. Which is what most billion dollar funds makes anyway...
  3. Appreciate your message, I really do. It shows some of the realities of system trading and well trading in general. I agree 100% with what you say! I'll be the first to admit, that I don't think that the system could sustain 200% returns after a certain point.

    I know exactly what you mean and understand several of the downsides to system trading. System trading is risky, they don't scale well (thus you won't become uber Rich), and most eventually stop making money!!!!!!

    BTW, that was 50% on current estimated max drawdown which is much different than return on capital. But I find it a better bench mark for comparing system considering margin requirements and risk tolerance can very.

  4. That looks like a great resource and might be exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you very much.
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    Thanks for not blowing up in my face. :D (which is basically what the common reaction would be for posts like mine above)
  6. Thanks. Like I said, I agree with you 100%, so I'm not offended and it was my fault for not being more descriptive with my previous post, plus it does look like I'm hyping my system.

  7. Would you please both stop being so reasonable! I believe we'd all be far more comfortable if this thread degenerated into mindless, personal insults.

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    trade your system and then get back to us afterward.
    you don't know what you have unless you trade. regardless of all the work done trying to simulate reality.
    when you trade live, you will see some interesting things happening.
  9. Have you ever thought what will happen if your account
    loses 90% on the 5th year? you will go back to where U
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