Resistance grows to Obama's bigger government

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  1. "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A public furor over big bonuses paid by firms bailed out with U.S. taxpayer money is fueling resistance to President Barack Obama's ambitious plans to extend government intervention in the U.S. private sector."
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    You would think that the outrage over this would prompt the average person to want more control .
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    "It was hard for me to believe that you were entirely serious about that socialist question," Obama said, defending his policies as consistent with free-market principles.

    Fucking freak. Lying, cheating,conniving, manipulating son-of-the-bitch.

    That piece of shit asshole doesn't give a damn about free markets or anything connected to it.
    Crisis? What his budget proposal have anything to do with crisis????
    If you go into this scumbag past you know what he wants and he will do anything to get it regardless of consequences.
  4. 2010 elections are going to be fun because by then Obama's poll numbers will be in the low 30's, Congress's will be in the low teens or single digits.

    No way Obama gets reelected because even the dumb whites who voted for him out of guilt will be sick of him by then.
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    The only problem with that is it might be too late to matter.
  6. I agree.
  7. isn't it the free market that got us here. Unregulated derivatives markets that these companies over leveraged themselves with. I am not sure what Obama has to do with that. I think we have to be honest with ourselves. Do we want government to get involved to soak up the mess the private sector created or do we want the "free market" to correct itself. If we choose the "free market" approach because of a fear of supposed socialism then why do we complain as things melt down. A melt down is the logical result of the free market correcting itself. I am confused. People will say Obama is controlled by the Wall street establishment in one breath then say he is a socialist in the next.
  8. Once Socialistic programs get into the budget and into the culture, they're virtually impossible to remove.

    NObama has the potential to do damage like a tsunami that swept over the entire country... :mad:
  9. You republican douchebags don't seem to realize congress ratings are higher than they have been in quite a while. I know you all don't want the economy to turn around because the party of Bush will be sunk for a generation. Keep patting yourself on the back as you keep losing elections and wonder why.
  10. Where did you get that info? As of November, the approval rating was 14%... and 95% of incumbents got re-elected.

    How can the the approval rating be high now?
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