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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Longhorns, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. How can that guy be allowed to moderate? He closed Kingcobra2's thread...yet allows Kingcobra to spew his drivel everyday.

    A biased moderator has NO BUSINESS in chit-chat. Total bullshit.
  2. i'd like to know how res knew/thought kc2 was reardon.
  3. Pabst


    Resinate's a good guy. Of course I would NEVER dis a fellow Chicagoan.:)

    I do think Chit Chat needs a fair and balanced mod to help Res.

    I'd volunteer but after 4 years of sharing solid advice on trading matters, I'm somehow persona non grata in that department.
  4. Come on Longhorns... you know multiple alias's arent allowed... but rampant racism from the left side of politics is. You should know that by now!
    Do not disagree with ZZZzzzzzz, reZZZinate, kingcobra, dddooo etc. or anytime you prove them wrong, your posts WILL be deleted along w/ any false accusations they originally post to protect their "credibility". This is just common knowledge now. Someone just deleted another thread yesterday after the left lost the argument. It's just a fact of this board. Not sure why this is allowed though. Oh well.
  5. I really didn't take any precautions. I could have really hid my identity if I wanted to.

    I do think I made my point with that thread.
  6. (cough)

    Fair and balanced, indeed. Yes, that's a pretty moderate view, isn't it? You'd make a fine moderator.

    Just another example of that rampant racism on the left....

    Errr.... ummm.....
  7. Why won't all the mods from other forums help him out.
  8. would u volunteer to police a manicomio?
  9. Thanks for stepping up Pabst.
  10. Does anyone know why the Nascar thread was deleted in Chit Chat? I missed the given reason, if there was one. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you and good trading to all. J
    #10     Mar 21, 2006
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