Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by shadow001, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Just a newbie here, I keep seeing and hearing of guys making good coin daytrading. So I know it's possible. My problem is that I wonder where they get the info that tells where the big money is going. I've tried trading INTC MSFT XOM TXN and other stocks and I usually do ok but not the kind of money I hear about. I never seem to be able to predict where the stock is going. I mean there are some guys I know who say they push other traders around obviously smaller ones, itsn't that what market makers do in a sence to get what they want? Is having more money the answer?! Or is it really all about the research you get beforehand? How much can you possibly get in advance anyways.

    Just wordering if anyone out there can help, thanks.