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  1. I am planning on doing a 10 week senior research project during my last summer before I graduate college. Obviously, there are numerous financial/investing topics and I would like to hear what all of you think would make for an interesting research project.

    I would like to use the following guidelines in choosing the topic:

    - From the fields of investing, trading, or economics

    - Would prefer a topic or idea which is pure research and study; not analysis based.

    - Not too narrow so that further research could someday be compiled or a text could be written.

    - I have approximately 200 hrs available to devote to research in a ten week period. So I would like to complete a rather large project on whatever topic I choose.

    Thanks for any ideas

  2. some interesting papers here:

    possible good starting points. I really liked the article on Market Behavior post World Cup Matches.

  3. research something useful that you can use in your chosen field later. if you are interested in something market related i would suggest studying psychology and how it affects the markets.