Research Support in Economics (The Solow-Swan growth Model of Economic, Trade bloc & Factor market.)

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  1. Harir


    Iam researching on integrating Economic & Artificial Intelligence, As part of my research im currently designing a web application, which I want to redesign the Economics Part. Most of the legwork has been done.

    Iam looking for a partner, guide and a mentor, who can guide me on my current research and support publishing research paper as well as development and testing part of our Economics.

    Must be an expert in Economics both Micro & Macro.

    I will have a fully functional website soon to give you an idea of where you will be starting. Mean time you can have a look at our project listed under UNESCO Contest.

    It is important to understand that I am looking for someone to research deep in the area of Economics.

    Iam expecting your relentless care & supervision, consummate and erudite guidance in the field of economics in structuring I-CACE to a well designed research project. I would like to connect I-CACE research with both Micro & Macro Economics, especially connecting the theories related to The Solow-Swan growth Model of Economic, Trade bloc & Factor market.
  2. fan27


    What are you offering in exchange?
  3. Harir


    Good Day Fan.. Im starting an organisation in India extensively researching on economics & artificial intelligence. I m open to offer 25% of the share and profit, as well as co-authorship of all papers we work on.