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    hopefully one of you here could help me, and id be forever in debt to you for your assistance... theres a company i am looking for that i cannot find, a relative of mine owns shares of Commercial Finance Corp. Of New Jersey. they were publically traded on a canadian exchange... not sure which however im going to guess toronto since montreal is derivatives. the physical location of the corporation was at first 8020 empire state bldg. then if i recall correctly theodore kopansky building??? in any event.. .if anyone here could help me find a ticker or some info on where the company is and if its still traded... id greatly appreciate it... thanks in advance...
  2. This definitely pertains to trading.

    I need a zip code, dgmodel. The girl's name who answered the phone there would help too.

    Or her home address. Or her home phone number. Email?

    Have you ever seen her out at a cafe alone on a Saturday night?

    If so, what was she wearing?

    Was it a red dress?

    If it was, was it low cut?

    If it was, did she have one of those push-up bras on?

    If she did, did she have big... you know... time cleavage showing?

    What? The company didn't have a girl who answered the phone??

    Oh well.

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    wow you're funny...