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  1. id like to point out that this paper was written with the intent maybe to stop daytraders....

    but just like a bike rider racing toward the finish line only to slide in rocks fly from his bike through a parked cars window at 40 MPH in a bike race ...... i mark this as ... failure.

    good job nice 30 trader random sample they did when there is how many of us.... picked from a sample of people with unknown experience ...... ok

    dont be swayed the thing Brokers will say to get some some business back with the "short term trading doesnt work over the long term attitude."

    i dont go write articles about how long term trading doesnt work because of this crisis and some people lost their a-double scribble when they pulled out.
  2. also note : look who this "research" paper is written by... hum
  3. It is a very shallow study although the percentage of failed day traders in the study is similiar to the 85-95% statistic i hear around here all the time.
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    95% failure rate cause 95% are RETAIL AMATEUR TRADERS with NO training what sover.

    there are newbies in ET who think paying to learn to trade or paying a mentor $5000 in tuition is a ripoff why would anyone waste time your for free.

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    100% of professional traders make money or make their salary of 100k per year.

    your not a professional if you don't make $100,000/year.

    if you lose money you are not a professional.