requirements to day trade futures

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    Are the equity requirements of a $25k account the same as they would be for a stock day trader?
  2. No
  3. 1) It depends. Higher-quality firms will want more money in order for you to get the lowest commission rates and access to the best technology.
    2) Less desirable firms will take less money, cut back your leverage and not offer any perks. :cool:
  4. You can start with 5k at a ton of firms
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    Balls of steel, blood of ice, heart of a lion.
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    and promptly pad my account with your losses for what is just a "Quick Scalp" in the ES for me.
  7. what are some of the firms that people are using?
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    Advantage Futures
  9. global futures--NO MINIMUMS and $500/day trade emini margins-on multiple platforms

    none finer!


    Awesome customer service with low account requirements and fees.

    Somehow, they are also teamed up with the CME and offer tons of excellent and free educational webinars.

    Well worth looking into just for the webinars even if you don't trade thru them.

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