Requirements for Automated Trading?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by JRegino, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. JRegino


    I'm a seasoned manual trader but I'm now looking to get into Automated Trading.

    All I need is a platform, brokerage, and data feed? Do I need anything else?

    I'm likely to outsource a programmer.

    Thanks alot guys!
  2. You will need some place to put your server (virtual of physical) unless you trust your home setup (power, internet) enough - which I personally dont. I keep my own server in a datacenter for exactly that purpose - and I see the issues they have only from.... emails telling me how they handled things without services go down (from broken power to broken network connections).
  3. Hi,

    Can you give me the name/link of the datacentre you use?
    Im keen to look into this also.

  4. Wont be usefull. I go with a data center in germany (because it is the closest I could find). I dont go closer as I already rented half a rack there and have all my business servers there.

    In your case I would suggest calling up a decent provider such as RackSpace ( Depending on your needs I would go with one or multiple servers (getting downtime further down). Depends really on your your size. OTOH your needs are mostly pretty low in terms of real hardware ;)

    Feel free to PM me if you need help on that side.

    There are other providers that are a lot more expensive but closer to the exchagnes IF that makes a difference in your setup. Depends on your algos - if you can trade from home, basically, any data center in the US is close enough. If you do trades within seconds, you may want to colocate and get sub-10-ms order execution.
  5. Great idea to automate your trading. Check out CoolTrade. They have already done all background work and programming and it's very inexpensive, especially compared with what you're proposing. You just choose your indicators to create a strategy. Algo trading for individuals.
  6. daytrader117, you must be freaking joking. Seriously.

    You really think an old traders setups will be as simple as "click together a MACD and a RSI and that is it"?

    If you would have some less posts I would assume you like spamming ;)