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    What is the requirement for openning IB Margin account?

    I recentry lost trust in my broker, so I want to change.

    1, Do i need to have experience? How can I prove it?

    2, Do i need to have other income source besides trading?

    3, anything eles?

    maybe i should ask IB via E-mail but I want to know asap

    Thank you
  2. loveshek


    THe reason why I asked those question is that even though my broker has those requirement and I did not qualified *at that time" they led me open a margin account with them

    thank you
  3. you have money?
    are you breathing?
    if yes then you can open an account.
  4. loveshek


    Thank you.

    Last time I opened the account with my broker, the broker set limitation for my account since I did not have income source

    @ They would close my account if I lose more than 10,000@
    (I deposited 50k at that time)
  5. loveshek


    Can I make sure I can open a "margin" account with them?

    THank you
  6. you just need the 25k minimum and when you answer the questions to open the account think about them.they will expect to see that you are wanting to speculate with the money.
    but if your account falls under the 25k you will run into daytrading rules problems.
    they are used to people losing money.they wont hold that against you.
  7. You need 25 K to open a daytrading acct. 2k for margin only.
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    thank you
  9. Very accurate ...
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    mgkrebs also need fingers.
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