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  1. The continuously high level of interest in Jack Hershey over the years, so evident today in the Strategy forum, cries out for a forum dedicated to him, his followers, and his de(dis?)tractors. I come to ET solely to follow such exchanges, and it would save me a lot of time to be able to find Jack all in one place. What would it cost me to sponsor such a forum? Since we have at present count 13 unsponsored fora, I should think that this would represent a considerable financial opportunity for ET. I, of course, would insist on moderating it. With total impartiality. I would further solemnly promise never to Chit-Chat a Jack thread, to censor profanity, or to excise illogicality. Best regards.
  2. u gotta be kiddin' me; da board is already polluted to da max and u want to keep suffocatin' us with that stuff. u want me to sue u for environmental poisonin'[?]
  3. I must demur. Serious study of Jack Hershey has much to offer the beginning trader. Keeping him and his in the limelight is a public service.
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    :D lol:D
  5. Hypostomus,

    The ancient text describe a land of milk and honey set aside for the specific purpose of peoples like the Jackenites to live and study without the threat of persecution.

    This fabled land lays across the vast seas, and has their own “God” who rules with an iron fist. The peoples of the land name their home “Twin”.

    The land of Twin welcomes the survivors of verbiage and linguistic wars with open arms. The immigrants enjoy the protection of appointed lesser gods, but gods nevertheless.

    Beware though, the way is not easy, fraught with dangers from every quadrant, most notably within the harts of the unhomed themselves. Can the leader of the jackenites preform the supplication rituals necessary to gain admittance first, and then go on to claim their own land with in the kingdom of “Twin”? Who knows.

    From my observations, it is often easier to switch allegiance from one God to another than it is to change a God to benefit a minority people. (Unless of course “the people” pay the god his due compensation.)
  6. These exchanges regarding regarding Grob/Hershey sure do remind me of Woodie...but I digress :cool:

  7. I stand by my assertion, oft made, that the study of Jack is heuristic. I learned a great deal from trying to understand SCT, and from testing what I thought I understood of it. Questioning the basic assumptions inherent in it is instructive, and observing the fervor of its disciples is most illuminating. And for all of Jack's estimable powers of observation, what he doesn't see instructs as well. But best of all, Jack brings liquidity to the futures markets.

    (Sulong. A mighty fable indeed! But it is the land of milk and money. And shame on you for the allusion: jackamites sounds far too much like cadamites.)
  8. This is in the works mike but it wont be here and I think the chances of you moderating are pretty slim.:)
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    "forum, fora" ... cool!
  10. Thanks, Easy. Will you sponsor me into the real deal? It is no fun lying here in this hospice wasting away. I need somehting to give me the will to live. Laughter is the best medicine, as they say.
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