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  1. Mr. praetorian2, I read the reply you wrote on my" message to TheFinn". In it you wrote" you would be glad to help, basically telling when you enter/exit trades and your reasons for those moves."I would be soooo grateful if you could do this for me! I really need some guidance.If I could apply some of your skills to simulating and succeed maybe I would be a bit more comfortable about starting to trade live.I realize this daytrading thing takes work and practice, of which niether I am affraid of.But I just dont seem to be getting anywhere with the things Ive learned.Also, you mentioned you make a few thou. a day!!!!!thats far more than I had anticipated making - at least for awhile. Can you help me? will you help me? Thank you again for your time and effort up to this point. sincerly, john
  2. I don't mind posting my trades in real time to you. But i can't promise that I'm profitable on every trade, or even every day. And I almost prefer that you don't take my trades as I take them, cause Im not a hyper, but hopefully you will see what I see, or think I see. and you can gain some type of perspective.
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    Praetorian2 I would also appreciate seeing what you traded, why you traded it, what time you traded it and so forth. Also whatever info that you feel would be important or relevant. Will you post the trades in this forum or how do you plan to do this? Thank you.
  4. It's impossible for me to post in real time here. I just posted one, but that's cause it follows a previously discussed pattern (RITA) see "great new pattern" If you im me at hkuppy, i will answer any q's and tell you what im doing though.
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    Which messenger service are you using?
  6. i use aol instant message.. sorry I wasn't on earlier in the day. When things get hectic, i need all the system resources on my computer. Im on now.. and will be online for the rest of the day.. and then after 8pm est
  7. Mr. praetorian2 read your reply dont worry about promising me that youll be profitable on every trader. Just by saying that tells me you are be truthful. I know no-one can promise that.And I wont be able to place your trades as Im still in simulation ground school! but if you can tell me what your doing and why then Ill be able to see the results on the charts. Thank you for intrest in helping. Where do we start?please read let message I wrote in "questions for rTharp" it will explain my situation and maybe give you some idea of were Im at. But if you can teach me to make a thou. a day I will be willing to alter my thinking. Anyway thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!!!! john
  8. instant message me tomorrow at like noon at hkuppy on aol aim.
  9. Mr. praetorian2, Im sorry I just got your message. its about 5:15pm central time. you asked me to instant message you. Im not sure how that works. I have a MSN hotmail account. they dont offer aol in my neck of the is my hot mail address- I get home evry day about 4:30pm cntrl. please tell me how to contact your instant message.
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    Go to this link to download AIM. It's free. Download it, then it will step you through the process of making a username and password.
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