Request for Options Data

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  1. I want to run some simulation on QQQQ options(including LEAPS), who can provide me the historical data chain, free of course:D

  2. nobody willing to offer?
    ok, how about this, you give me data I give one book(PDF format) for exchange, any book you name it as long as I can find it.

  3. ===============
    has it daily, you have to record it daily, best way anyway.

    Interactive Brokers
    has much more free historical data, for customers.

    Meanwhile, January 2007 $39 QQQQ put did well in August;
    but July put data=$2.85 open,
    down to $1.95 close July

    July data ,January 2007 $39 QQQQ call;
    open =$3.3 open , close for July =$4.80
    [First day to last day/ask price ,July for both put & call]

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