Request for feedback on FX Option guide

Discussion in 'Forex' started by fxmonk, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. fxmonk


    Hi all,

    I trade FX cash and derivatives for myself and others as a business. I have begun writing a book on how to trade options in the currency market because I realize there aren't any good resources (to my knowledge) on this topic. The book presents a framework for identifying macroeconomic and behavioral imbalances and structuring the right options position to take advantage of them. There are no charting techniques or a rehashing of of all the standard option strategies--I dig deep and provide numerous examples on utilizing a framework that produces an edge instead of just giving away "techniques" that become useless anyway.

    I'm writing this post to guage how much interest there would be from the community in such a product. If you would be so kind, I would like to hear from you if you are interested, and if you are not interested, some constructive criticism is appreciated. Please note your skill level as a trader and the type of trader you are (technical, fundamental, statistical, etc.).

    Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from many of you.


    Kris Matthews