Request for a "Subscribe to buddy" option on ET

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 2cents, May 10, 2006.

"Subscribe to buddy" a great feature for ET?

  1. Yes, would make my life easier! too much junk to sift thru on ET these days...

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  2. Nope, i'm too worried about stalkers etc...

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  3. no opinion

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  1. the following was initially posted in the feedback section, no response from baron as of yet, perhaps because of a perceived lack of interest... anyway, not trying to second-guess anybody here, if anybody has an interest plse express thyselves...

    "hi baron - just a tought, same as futurestrader i find myself struggling amongst the increasing amount of junk / poor threads on the board... i'd earlier enquired about feasibility of an 'ignore thread' feature but i understand it wld be difficult to implement... in the last few weeks i've tried subscribing to forum sections thinking i may be able to catch interesting (informative, good-humoured) threads before they disappear under the pile of first-time posters / eternal whiners / spammers threads, but there are just too many of those around i find... perhaps its just me and i shld simply take a break from ET and come back in a few months... anyway, almost becoming a whiner myself, what the hell!!! :)

    more constructively... could we be allowed to 'subscribe to buddy', ie everytime s.o. on our buddy list posts, we wld get a mail? and plse expand the buddy list, 5's just not enough, 100-200 wld be nice! many thanks baron ;-) "