Reputable broker offering CFD's for US

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Lucias, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Lucias


    Are there any reputable broker's offering CFD for U.S. citizens? I think not.

    How do binary options compare to CFD? Are they even worth bothering with?
  2. Are you allowed to trade CFDs with FXCM UK if you are a US citizen? I know they allow trading of FX if you move your account from US to UK but I don't know about CFDs. Has anyone traded any through them?
  3. If you are a US resident you cannot move your account from the US to the UK and get the anticipated hedging and higher leverage...FXCM has representitive offices in the USA and this forces you to stay with the rules for the USA...for Forex

    As far as CFD's this is a non -issue for FXCM as US residents again cannot move to FXCM UK.

    I know you do not believe me but check again with someone at FXCM that knows...


  4. TRS


    If your intention is to use CFD's as a Futures substitute I strongly suggest you hit the CFD provider hard and take the money and run. They don't like winners.
    CFD's on stocks with DMA (Direct Market Access) are alright. Cost of carry can be expensive.

    If you have the capital I strongly suggest finding a reputable broker and trading the product/s you wish to trade on its regulated exchange.

    Edit: After posting realised this was in FX forum. My advice stands though.
    As for FX - I wouldn't trade FX with any bucketshop.
  5. these guys(market makers)bookies of cfd and options and futures have same business model as bookies in sport betting. it's zero sum market if you know what I mean. worse than sport bookies since sport bookies CANNOT rig sport games.

  6. Ok, I see what happened now. I remember FXCM was offering hedging capabilities to US client through their UK subsidiary back in 2009. The CFTC put the kabosh on this in 2010 apparently and those clients had to move their account back to FXCM LLC so yes, FXCM is a non-starter. I so love the US govt telling me where and what I can and cannot do with my money.
  7. It is not a power is so that they can collect taxes...


  8. cfd are 'competition' to the US options and futures market.

    just like the casino slot machines and las vegas table..there are lots of winners who win and lots of losers.....if there were no chance to win...nobody would's money transfer business model..the winners take from the losers.

    the house(market makers) gets it's cut(commissions) is a facilator of this money transfer operation(game activity).