Repubs play the victim card

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  1. Let's see, in the past they played the fear card, the race card, now the victim card.

    Dan Quayle, victim. Clarence Thomas, victim. Harriet Myers, victim.

    Now they talk about Sarah Palin as the ultimate victim of those evil democrats.

    Does this really work with anyone who has half a brain?

    Must be so, after all, lots of half brained folks voted for Bush twice...

    By the way, the highlight of the convention was Cindy McCain wearing a $300,000.00 outfit Monday night, showing how she is just like the average normal people...

    Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Muslims...I saw a handful at the republican convention...but I think maybe they were actors hired to pepper up all the salt. After all, they used actors playing soldiers in one of their videos, I don't put anything beyond the scope of republicans trying to put forth an image they think the dumbass people will think is real.
  2. I think one picture can easily sum up the republican convention:

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  3. You can feel it slipping away, can't you?
  4. If you mean America's position of greatness if we continue with tired old republican ideas from that past century as solutions going forward, yes.

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    Exactly. If Palin is so damn ready, why is she and the rest of the cons screaming like stuck pigs over every little criticism? National leaders are supposed to have thick skins. I'm seeing and hearing nothing but whining from delicate little flowers on the right.
  6. The American people respect Sarah Palin, and they trust her. Their doubts and second thoughts about Obama grow daily.
  7. Amusing.

    The Democrats have successfully played the race, gender and class warfare card for years and now the repubs have a female vp candidate and use the left strategy against them they dont like it.

    Z, would you like some cheese with that whine?

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    Interesting Thought

    Imagine a fistfight, bare knuckles, no teleprompters, between Barack Hussein Obama and Sarah Barracuda Palin - who do you think would win? :D

    Then, a big moose enters the picture - who do you think turns, screams something about Republican aggression, and runs away? :)
  9. If the moose charged barry first the moose would be labeled a racist by the left.

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    Great one - LMAO!!!!
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