Republiklans in panic mode

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  1. (Spinning like tops they are....)

    Shays on Foley handling: At least no one died

    HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) -- Republican Rep. Christopher Shays defended the House speaker's handling of a congressional page scandal, saying no one died like during the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident involving Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy.

    "I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day," the embattled Connecticut congressman told The Hartford Courant in remarks published Wednesday.

    "Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody," he added.

    Shays' comments recalled the Chappaquiddick incident, when Kennedy's car ran off a Massachusetts bridge, killing his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne. Kennedy did not immediately report the tragedy, and he later pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident.

    Last week, Kennedy campaigned for Democrat Diane Farrell, who is locked in a bitter fight with Shays that could help determine whether Democrats recapture the House after 12 years of GOP control.

    "This is symptomatic of Chris losing his composure in a tight race," Farrell said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. "Chris just seems to be lashing out in anger."

    Kennedy's office had a terse response.

    "This just makes clear the real need for change in November. Beyond that I'm not going to dignify such a desperate attack with a response," said Kennedy spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner.

    Farrell said the scandal, which polls show could hurt the GOP's bid to hang onto control, has affected her because her 19-year-old daughter Margaret was a Senate page when she was 16.

    "My first reaction to this whole scandal had nothing to do with politics," she said. "It was as a parent who had a child participating in the program."

    Shays cited Chappaquiddick in an interview Friday when he was asked about Farrell's call for him to return money raised by Hastert. The speaker has been under fire for his handling of disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley's sexually explicit messages to young pages.

    Farrell and other Democrats have called for Hastert to resign.
  2. You're a fool. Shay's comments were completely relevant. Shay's opponent has criticized him for sharing campaign funds with Foley. Meanwhile Sen. Chappaquiddick is out stumping for Shay's opponent. Only in your fucked up world is Ted Kennedy not scum. If Chappaquiddick happened today Teddy boy would spend years in prison.

  3. To an illogical fool like you they may be relevant, but attacking the messenger, which is what republiklans are doing, is not relevant nor logical...just ad hominem methods used by spinners.

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    I wonder what Shays has to say about Laura Bush, who killed -- and some say MURDERED -- her high school boyfriend, who just broke up with her the day before. It was a sunny day, a dry road she was fully familiar with, she knew his car, he had the right-of-way, a stop sign in her face and still she managed to "accidently" t-bone his car with hers. The whole thing was given the brush-off by the good 'ol boy sherriff, Laura being from a prominent family and all. At least Teddy K could plead night blindness and too much alcohol.

    Then there's Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, who had a dead female intern turn up in his home office, and that got the good ol' boy brand of "investigation" as well.

    Repugs in glass houses, throwing stones as usual.
  5. Do you have EVIDENCE that Laura Bush purposely killed her boyfriend?

    Conversely is there undisputed evidence that Ted Kennedy left the scene of a fatal accident after drinking?

    I say you suck dick. That's all the proof I need.
  6. Comparing Laura Bush to Kennedy? Are you kidding or what? One of the more ridiculous things Ive heard. Oh wait, you suggest she murdered him... another lefty conspiracy nut. Great.
    Just what the ET Community Lounge needs!:)
  7. I have to admit I have not heard the Laura Bush killing her high school "sweetheart" hypothesis before. Does anyone have more information regarding this event? She does have a certain look about her, I have to admit, and wasn't Laura Bush a teacher?
    Hmmm interesting.
  8. You sure do talk a lot about guys sucking dick.

    On your mind a lot is it?


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    You talk a lot about sucking dick.

    It certainly sounds like the voice of experience to me. :D :D :D
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