republicans. you have to love them

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  1. for their ability to think. they hate obama care and its individual mandate because its unamerican to force people to save for their health or retirement years.
    here we have herman cain leading the republican field touting something called the “Chilean Model”as his game plan.
    so what is the “Chilean Model”?

    In short, the “Chilean Model” so touted by Cain is the individual mandate. What “Obamneycare” is to health care, Chile’s pensions system is to Social Security, with a system of mandates, regulation and subsidies.

    Under the Chilean system, workers must contribute 10% of their income, up to a certain limit — similar to Social Security taxes in this country — to a private pension fund administrator (the different funds are known by the Spanish initials “AFP,” for Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones).

    A few other Chilean ‘models’ Herman Cain may not be so quick so embrace:

    1) Health care in Chile is also covered through the mandate-regulate-subsidize model, in which 7% of workers’ paychecks are deducted in order to pay for health insurance — and with a public option called FONASA (an acronym that could be translated as the “National Health Fund”). Indeed, the majority of workers opt for FONASA, and the government provides subsidies and coverage for poorer Chileans who cannot afford insurance.
  2. I'm convinced that the only republicans that like Cain are the ones that were democrats and voted for Obama, realized what they made a mistake, then became republicans and wanted to give another black man a shot. I havent met any other true republicans that like Cain.
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    I did a reflexive check of Chile's population pyramid, dependency ratio, and gini coefficient, in comparison to ours. Interestingly, similar age distribution and dependency ratio, but considerably worse gini. Must be a lot of "buy in" (to socialism) down there, no other explanation comes to me immediately.

    Edit: and yet, there is that pesky gini... evidence of that problem was on display after the earthquake, and in a basically (racially) homogenous society (which debunks the diversity argument). Hmm.