republicans. you have to just laugh.

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  1. ok. so republicans fought obama tooth and nail when he wanted a public option for health care reform.
    now that republicans are in big trouble with seniors for voting to kill medicare they are backpedaling bigtime. what is their latest proposel? a public option for medicare.

    "Paul Ryan Says He's Open To Making Medicare Plan Optional"

    So when he told the advocacy group No American Debt that he'd be comfortable with having "a fee-for-service option alongside premium support" on Thursday, it turned some heads but it wasn't inherently earth-shattering.

    (note)it may actually be a good idea but the hyprocisy of the republicans is striking.
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    The only thing I'm laughing at is YOU for starting yet another one of these threads.

    Tell me again how many converts you've won over?
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    Flippity flop. BIG time.
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    It gets better...Paul Ryan's plan has subsidies to corporations he and his father-in-law have a stake in. These corporations are buying up large parts of land in the Texas for oil/mineral exploration.

    Now, to all the Republicans on here...don't you guys want each man for himself and are against wealth redistribution? Where is your outrage now? Our money is being given to corporations so they don't have to risk their own for risky exploration?

    All, Freethinker is trying to say is that we are all losers here. The Dems and Reps keep us divided with rhetoric while holding us hostage.

    To the Reps, your leaders have campaigned for decades to repeal Roe v. Wade, but what happened? Nothing! They have no reason to repeal it, just the perception that they will. Now they are running on repealing Healthcare reform...guess's never going to happen. They are going to string the voters along again!

    To the Democrats...tell me honestly how many are happy with Obama? He promised us everything that a liberal would want. Now..half the time it's just a series of compromises and the other half of the time he doesn't even try!

    Like i said in another post...if Ron Paul (or Dennis Kucinich) runs on an independent ticket a lot of disenfranchised voters will sweep him to victory.
  5. 1.I'm not

    2.I'd vote for Paul over Obama