republicans. you have to just laugh sometimes

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  1. newt promised he was going to save america from overspending if he got elected. so how has he done so far:

    Gingrich Campaign Leaving Trail Of Unpaid Bills In Its Wake

    Newt Gingrich Campaign Vendors Wonder If They'll Ever Get Paid
    WASHINGTON -- For a long time, Larry Scheffler maintained a hard policy at his Nevada printing company: no credit for politicians. But when a friend called on behalf of GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich In January, saying the candidate needed signs for the upcoming Nevada caucus, Scheffler made an exception.

    "They said they were going to pay right away," Scheffler, 61, said in an interview.

    Scheffler's company, Las Vegas Color Graphics, produced a trove of campaign materials for Gingrich: 5,000 rally signs, 5,000 bumper stickers, 5,000 lapel stickers, 5,000 cards targeting Hispanic voters, and nearly 100 yard signs. The tab came to $7,439.62.

    But more than two months after the caucus, Scheffler is still waiting for the check. "We got burned," he said.

    Like all the GOP presidential hopefuls, Gingrich has cast himself as a champion of small businesses, promising tax relief to American entrepreneurs and a deregulation plan that will spur job growth. But some small businesses are less than pleased with the former House speaker's presidential campaign -- in particular, some of the vendors who have performed work for it. Last month HuffPost reported how Gingrich was ramping up an expensive campaign even as he was running out of money and flagging in the polls. The loose spending should come as little surprise: Gingrich was trailed by 30 years' worth of debts, lawsuits and bankruptcies leading into the campaign.
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    Max E.

    Almost reminds me of the 25 million dollar mess Hillary left behind her.....Oh wait that was actually ten times worse then Gingrich..... my bad....
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    Perhaps Gingrich was relying on a tax cut to pay those bills.
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    I'm laughing at Pee Drinkers stupid redundant threads.