Republicans win a 3rd term in office

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Republicans win a 3rd term in office

  1. Republican President, House and Senate

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  2. Republican President only

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  3. Democrat President only

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  4. Democrat President, House and Senate

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  5. independent, neither Republican nor Democrat

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  6. none of the above

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  7. none of this concerns me

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  1. 1000


    The Republicans are going to win a 3rd term in office, because:

    1. They have a direction and policy that works after all this time in office

    2. The Democrats have no direction or policy

    3. The intransigent Iranians don't realize they are playing into GOP politics

    4. The mercantilistic Chinese are also inadvertently helping the Republicans by setting public opinion to the right

    5. Hugo Chavez is setting a bad example for the Liberal Left, and Cindy Sheehan helped

    6. The French with their indifference is helping prolong the War agenda

    7. North Korea hasn't been sorted out yet, thus making President Bush's policies more favorable

    8. The stock market is likely to stay above its 200 week moving average, thus no recession

    9. The high energy prices now will be averaged down closer to the election with oil being sent down to as low as 46 dollars per barrel

    10. The Republicans can be trusted with fighting the war on terror
  2. maxpi


    The Dems have been yelling "the sky is falling" regarding the economy for years, now the DOW is near all time highs, gas prices are coming down and consumer confidence has made a major upward move, etc. The anti war crowd has about wore out their welcome completely in the US, Bush expanded medicare with the prescription drug plan, etc. I think the Democrats could lose seats this election.
  3. Hmm...

    Little more than a week ago, our Balance of Power summary showed the Republicans leading 50-45 with five states in the Toss-Up category. Today, Rasmussen Reports is changing three races from “Toss-Up” to “Leans Democrat.” As a result, Rasmussen Reports now rates 49 seats as Republican or Leans Republican while 48 seats are rated as Democrat or Leans Democrat ). There are now just three states in the Toss-Up category--Tennessee, New Jersey, and Missouri.
  4. fhl


    If polls determined the outcome of who held gov't office, I doubt repubs would have ever held a meaningfull office in the last few decades that I have watched politics. All I ever hear in the media is how 'the public' prefers dems and thier positions.
  5. 1000


    You cannot blame the President for China, Japan, Iran, the French or the terrorists.
  6. But I sure can blame him for screwing up during the aftermath of Katrina. Didn't he form the homeland security dept or something that is supposed to take care of the American public during disasters... and FEMA was made a part of it. By the way, where was dickie boy when New Orleans was under water... he was freakin' vacationing! :mad:
  7. 1000


    That's it you see, the Dems have no policy or direction, except to blame the President.

    May be the problems with the Katrina aftermath are more to do with the corruption within the Democrat ranks down south. Louisiana happens to be a blue state.

    Anyway, the only power that a VP has is to break a dead-lock senate vote, or when the Pres decides to hand over power, as was the case when Bush had to have his facial spots removed
  8. Tip


    Yeah, I guess blame Thailand on Bushy now also
  9. Pabst


    In my role as a Republican Committeemen in the Democrat stranglehold of Chicago I was always opposed to electronic voting machines. The reasons are obvious. As Palm Beach County in 2000 illustrated, Democrats are too STUPID to use traditional punch ballots. Why make it easier for them? The average lib voting moron can too easily touch a video screen. Afterall video games are virtually their vocation.

    Make them exert EFFORT to punch out a hanging chad. Next, I'd eliminate ballot position numbers like Punch #10 ect. If they had to distinguish between candidate's names based on the ability to read there'd be even fewer votes going to Democrats.

    #10     Sep 19, 2006