Republicans,the party of fiscal responsibility

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  1. "The national debt quadrupled during the Reagan and Bush presidencies, declined slightly during the Clinton presidency, and more recently the debt doubled during the George W. Bush presidency"
  2. A few other Democratic and Republican facts

    Democrats and Republicans have followed different approaches to the economy for as long as there have been Democrats and Republicans. Longer, actually. Remember Hamilton versus Jefferson?

    Many Americans know that there are characteristic policy differences between the two parties. But few are aware of two important facts about the post-World War II era, both of which are brilliantly delineated in a new book, “Unequal Democracy,” by Larry M. Bartels, a professor of political science at Princeton. Understanding them might help voters see what could be at stake, economically speaking, in November.

    I call the first fact the Great Partisan Growth Divide. Simply put, the United States economy has grown faster, on average, under Democratic presidents than under Republicans.

    The stark contrast between the whiz-bang Clinton years and the dreary Bush years is familiar because it is so recent. But while it is extreme, it is not atypical. Data for the whole period from 1948 to 2007, during which Republicans occupied the White House for 34 years and Democrats for 26, show average annual growth of real gross national product of 1.64 percent per capita under Republican presidents versus 2.78 percent under Democrats.

    That 1.14-point difference, if maintained for eight years, would yield 9.33 percent more income per person, which is a lot more than almost anyone can expect from a tax cut..

    Alan S. Blinder is a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve
  3. And Obama has done what?

    This is absolutely great. We are seeing the crats implode under weak leadership. Now the only thing the crats have to say is that Reagan ran deficits. The logic is bizarre to say the least.

  4. Goes to show what you can WITH a viable middle class.
  5. ...And green men live on Mars.

    Go and help Ron Paul get elected into the White house and if that fails follow your principles and get Obama into the White house..

    You sustain yourself with a Google education. You have little background knowledge to understand the core of these issues.

    This is the main problem with the internet, anyone can Google facts and think they are smart. There is a big difference between facts and intelligence.
  6. So says the idiot that quoted Sarah Palin's facebook rhetoric
    on "Death Panel's calling it "a well written article with great footnoting" and blames his poor education on "incompetent union controlled school systems."

  7. Really Merc how hard is it to understand that it is better to balance the budget and lower the national debt then it is to double and triple the national debt ?

    Really merc how hard is it to understsnd you dont attack a country that didnt attack the US and lie to the public about your reasons for doing so ?

    How hard is it to understsnd that its a proven fact that the economy does better under Dems then Repubs

    You are the one that needs your intelligence questioned pal

    In regards to paul,you do know he was against the Iraq war,he is for a balanced budget,he was against the 700 billion tarp plan etc,Just the opposite of Bush's policies
  8. Hey old man. Its about time for you to face the Obama death panel.
    Your iceberg is waiting.....