Republicans speak to the invisible man

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  1. Republicans speak to the invisible man

    August 31, 2012 at 8:50 am PZ Myers

    Marco Rubio spoke to the RNC last night, and reminded everyone that we atheists aren’t Americans after all.

    We are special [We are?] because we’ve been united not by a common race or ethnicity [This is true of many countries. What about Canada?]. We’re bound together by common values [Again, trivially true of most countries]. That family is the most important institution in society [Is there a country that doesn't have and value families?]. That almighty God is the source of all we have [Nope. Wrong. We built that].

    Special, because we’ve never made the mistake of believing that we are so smart that we can rely solely on our leaders or our government [Nice sentiment in a speech where he's trying to convince us to rely on Mitt Romney].

    Our national motto is "In God we Trust," reminding us that faith in our Creator is the most important American value of all [Fuck you too, Marco Rubio].

    And special because we’ve always understood the scriptural admonition that "for everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required." [Say what? So the rich should pay more taxes?]

    We are a blessed people [Nope. We're lucky. Some of us are rich. But millions are poor and hungry and ignorant. Don't forget them]. And we have honored those blessings with the enduring example of an exceptional America [What seems to be making us particularly exceptional among wealthy nations is the idiocy of our leaders and the piety of our population, neither of which is anything to be proud of].

    I think it was a theme. They brought on Clint Eastwood to make a stumbling address to an invisible man in an empty chair, and Rubio to do the same thing with a bit more polish.

    The Republicans can kiss the atheist vote goodbye, but it makes me wonder…are there any atheists left in the Republican party, besides Karl Rove?
  2. another exclusive cut n paste job, way to go there buddy:D
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  4. I doubt they were counting on it.:eek: But you are aware that the president is a church going man, right? A man who speaks of and envokes the word and deeds of God on many ocassions. A man who gives thanks to God for all that is America. A man who closes most every speech with the traditional God bless America. Isn't this isnsulting to you, or are you just bothered by it when a republican does it?
  5. i think it makes obama look weak and is embarrasing to listen to the leader of our country talk about invisible men in the sky.
  6. That is one thing I dislike about Obama is his praying and talking to god bullshit. When McCain and Obama were running I thought both just gave lipservice to the Jesus crap. I still think McCain knows better but I'm not sure about Obama, he might just be a believer of the naked, bearded old man in the sky who is invisible. Have you ever wondered how we know he is naked or has a beard since he is indeed invisible.

    Only bad things can happen when a leader is waiting for help from God to make a decision.
  7. jem


    amen. any atheist bothered by the fact that people believe in a Creator is so misinformed about what science knows about the origin of the universe that we do not need his ore her vote.

    any atheist dumb enough to think you solve a massive debt problem by going deeper in debt --- is a democrat.

    any atheist that knows the govt is spending $2.43 to make a $1.00 of gpd and still supports democrat debt spending is unwanted.
  8. how stupid do you have to be to believe that the republicans are going to cut spending?
    romney has promised huge tax cuts for the rich and big defense increases and unspecified future cuts. how did that wourk out for you last time?
    i do wonder though. why is it you religious types are so easily duped by fast talking preachers(politicians). are you gullible because you are religious or are you religious because you are gullible?
  9. I would prefer if God and religion altogether were left our of our politics. It implies we are better, more deserving, and more or less, always on the side of right. That's just not true and we all know it. However, I do think you fella's on the atheist side of the argument would get more mileage without the continuing insults and disparaging remarks about God, a Creator, and such. Intelligent people can have varying and different opinions, engage in arguments for and against, without the insults to ones intellect. I'll try harder myself.
  10. stoic


    One might ask of the liberals:

    Are you gullible because your stupid, or are you stupid because your gullible?
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