Republicans reveal true nature

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    Republicans couldn't pass a budget deal. But, now they are ready to raise taxes on the poorest people.

    They also continue to spout the lie that 50% pay no taxes. The fact is that the poorest working people pay more then the richest because all of their income goes to consumables. If you drive a car then you pay tax. If you get a paycheck then you are paying taxes. If you buy food then you pay tax.

    So, the reality is that if a guy is only making say 15k then he has to spend all of that and nearly everything has some tax on it. The guy making 200k is able to save most of his check and doesn't spend as much on taxed consumables.

    There are other arguments against taxing the poor. First, the poor can only make enough to get by now and so if you tax them then they will just need more money to survive: so you only increase inflation.

    I think we need to tax the ultra rich the most -- not the poor and not the guy making 200k. Buffet wants to be taxed and really he's right he's so rich that it isn't going to change anything. Tax the ultra rich. They have the most wealth and the most say-so in the government. Let them pay all the taxes. Why not?
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    Stok ---- nuff said.
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    Bullshit on you, Slate, Salon, NPR, and the AP:

    "Many NPR affiliates repeated the same line in its news bulletins yesterday, telling listeners that many of the same Republicans who wouldn’t let the Bush tax cuts expire are now eager to start the payroll tax again. They’ll tax the poor, but not the rich.

    The problem? Neither the AP nor NPR presented a single quote from a Republican who explicitly advocates the return of the payroll tax. All the quotes from Republicans in the original AP story discuss the policy implications of the payroll tax, but do not actually express a position on whether it should stay suspended.

    The AP story is nothing more than an attempt to assist President Barack Obama as he tries to use a payroll tax holiday to boost his flagging popularity, and campaign against House Republicans in his bid for re-election.

    The “smoking gun”? The second-to-last paragraph in the AP story tells us:

    Many Democrats also are ambivalent about Obama’s proposed tax cut extension. They are more focused on protecting social programs from deep spending cuts. Some worry that a multiyear reduction in the tax designated for Social Security could undermine that program’s health and stature.

    That’s 945 words into a 1,037-word article. A deliberate political hit under the false cover of objectivity."
  4. Good post Lucias. Keep em coming. +1
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    FACTS DIRECTLY FROM THE IRS WEBSITE: 50 % of adult Americans pay no federal income tax. In fact, if they work and make $50K or under per year, all they have to do is file a return (eithout paying anything) with the IRS and they get a check for an Earned Income Tax Credit.

    Get your fucking facts straight and take that shit back to the Daily KOS.
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    Do your fucking homework.

    Go to the IRS website;

    Top 1-percent Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) break (TY 2008) [3,4] $380,354

    In other words, you could take 100 % of what they make and you still would need 16 years to pay off the existing debt. The problem is not taxes, it is the spending. If you raised their taxes by 20 %, it would take you 80 years to pay off just the existing debt.
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    Absolutely GD right.
  8. Virtually all American, except those at the very bottom of the income scale, are taxed too low for current spending levels.
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    Boys and Girls, quit just believing what you read and hear without some personal research and validation. You tell me where the money is going to come from in terms of tax rates on individuals:,,id=102886,00.html

    I mean, YOU CAN TAKE IT ALL FROM EVERYBODY. One hundred percent. And it means dick. Nothing. Do the fucking math for God's sake. The hole we have already dug is the big fucking issue.

    How about the Dem's poster company General Electric and Jeffrey Immelt, Obama's buddy and Chairman of the President's Economic Roundtable making several billion dollars and paying absolutely NO federal income tax ? Did you hear about the $500 million loophole Rangel gave him just before he lost his chair on the House Ways and Means Committee ?


  10. its a common meme with the republican spinmeisters that the poor should pay more taxes while they cut taxes for the wealthy. facts make no difference to them but here are some anyhow:

    Rick Perry: Middle Income Americans Don't Pay Enough Income Taxes

    But back in the real world, I learn from newly minted GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry what’s wrong with America—that middle income Americans don’t pay enough taxes. Really.

    “We’re dismayed at the injustice that nearly half of all Americans don’t even pay any income tax. (Quoted in this terrific Ruth Marcus column.)

    We’re apparently not dismayed that more than half of all Americans have been in a 30-year recession with little or no income growth. We’re apparently willing to write off Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, which are the big federal taxes for low- and middle-income Americans. A family of four earning $30,000 may pay no federal income tax, but it pays $4,590 in payroll taxes (including the employer’s share, which economists believe is ultimately paid by the employee in the form of lower wages). Payroll taxes are much bigger than income taxes for most families.
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