Republicans "Rebranding"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, May 1, 2009.

  1. "Top Republican leaders Thursday offered a first look at plans to remake their party with a renewed focus on the bread-and-butter issues of domestic policy.

    The National Council for a New America launched with an open letter that’s notable for what it leaves out: The issues that a large segment of the party’s base are most passionate about. The letter, signed by 14 congressional Republican leaders, makes no mention of same-sex marriage, immigration — legal or otherwise — or abortion."

    This of course is better than this attempt:

  2. Anything McCain is part of has a low chance of success. They should be out attacking Obama's Hugo Chavez policies every day. What is so hard about opposing tapxayers' money being used to pay unskilled union members $75/hour? Is it really a great idea for the govenrment to control all the major banks, automakers and health care? Can we expect them to do a great job like they do with the Post Office?

    So instead of sharpening the debate, they are fiddling around in a circle jerk to come up with lowest common denominator talking points. Do you think Ronnie Reagan would need a focus group to tell him what his principles were?

    So basically, if the republicans want to get back on the road to success, they should ask McCain for his suggestions and do the exact opposite.