Republicans Preemptively Surrender On Supreme Court Pick

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  1. If republicans were any more clueless, they'd be an endangered species. Wait, they are on the endangered species list. And with good reason. Without even having an inkling of what kind of leftwing radical Obama will nominate, they are rushing to wave the white flag of surrender. Of course, old habits are hard to break. They voted in favor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, after all, then watched democrats oppose Bush's fairly moderate picks on nearly party line votes. So now, they fold their hand early, giving Obama clearance to nominate anyone he wants. Morons.


    Top Republican inclined against Scotus filibuster

    May 6 12:31 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) - The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee says he's inclined against using a filibuster to block President Barack Obama's nominee to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter.
    Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama said a deal four yours ago that averted filibusters against some of former President George W. Bush's judicial nominees established a "standard" that shouldn't be discarded except in unusual circumstances. Sessions, however, didn't entirely rule out a filibuster.

    Sessions said that Obama assured him in a brief telephone conversation Tuesday that he was not planning to nominate a "bomb-thrower." The senator said he told Obama that Republicans would treat his nominee with respect and said that "we're not going to misrepresent their record."
  2. At least with the promise not to nominate a "bomb thrower" , long time Obama pal and mentor William Ayers and his nutcase wife Bernadine Dorhn are off the list. They are literally bomb throwers.

    Does Sessions really expect obama to say, "ok I'm nominating a bomb thrower. Really far out wacky socialist radical." Of course he will claim that whomever he nominates is a serious voice of reason and moderation. The media of course will echo those sentiments.
  3. And no amount of absurd posts by you in this Forum will change that.

    The GOP is totally screwed. The market is already predicting a turn in the Economy and the train has left the station without any Republicans on board.

    Good luck in 2010.
  4. Hello Landis

    I would bet that the "train" of which you speak of, will be pulling back into the station a couple of times before it arrives in the promised land.

    Regarding the future of conservatism, you might well be correct.It seems that the "war" for the culture has turned towards the liberal side; it is my sense [I certainly could be wrong], that we are approaching a majority of people who would rather have "government" be an active participant in the private affairs of their lives....government hand-outs, special classes of citizens, managed health care, etc..

    The days of self sufficient, self reliant, independent citizens , demanding government to be as small and minimal as possible ,regretfully, seems like they are numbered.