Republicans only won by 5 million votes

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  1. To all you Republicans who the think the Democratic party is dead,you only won by 5 measly votes.

    With Republicans at their highest level of enthusiasm and democrats pissed because Obama keeps appeasing republicans,you only won by 5 million votes

    13 million young people who voted for Obama stayed home
  2. The Democratic Party is very much alive, and you still have propaganda support of Keith Obermann and the Marxist media. So don't worry, Range Rover, be happy! [​IMG]
  3. You're delusional. This was a repudiation and defeat of historic and humiliating proportions. But then again, being delusional is part of what makes you a libtard.

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    Tsing Tao

    man, your ass must really be sore to post such hilarious topics. get over it.
  7. Poor Range Rover is as deluded as Odumba and Pelosi :(
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    We actually do not need either propoganda or Marx. As long as we have a difference in interests between labor and management, or labor and capital, there will be politics and group representation of both. The labels may change, the practical expression of their social and foreign policy may morph a bit, but neither party is going away.
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    Wow, that was close!


    Fortunately for America a win is a win is a win.

    around the 11:20 mark

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