Republicans Now Lead Democrats By 10Pts. On Generic Congressional Ballot.

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  2. I think whoever wins in 2010 loses in 2012 and vice versa
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    Rasmussen is much more independent and reliable. Check the history of the two. Gallup also had a poll a while back showing the majority of America supporting Obamacare. lol So their credibility automatically goes down the shitter. lol
  4. The Center For Public Integrity has pointed out that Scott Rasmussen was a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign.
  5. Rasmussen polls always seems to have republicans winning by bigger margins then most other polls

    Other polls besides gallup showed the majority supporting Obamacare
  6. But what does that have to do with Rassmussen working for the Bush campaign? And I'd remind you, Bush won that election.

    Rassmussen is obviously weighing heavy on likely low turnout among registered Democrats. His, is a likely scenario. I've no doubt that if a "national poll" of everyone in the country were taken, Democrat's would have a slight 2-5% lead. But it'll play differently because of disillusioned Dem's staying home. I watched 16 years of Chicago elections, as an official. Heavy, Democrat area. But the drop off from Presidential years was always staggering and Obama has flat out lost most of his independent base. The Dem's have too big a Congressional advantage to lose it in all in one shot but it'll definitely put them on the hot seat in 2012.

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