Republicans may vote NO for bail out

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. euclid


    I don't see what the issue is. The American people were quite happy to accept free money from the banks when it was on offer. What's the problem with giving a little bit of it back to keep the economic engine running?
  2. Because it's not a "little bit".

    And some Americans didn't get the free money, or think THAT was smart either.
  3. I suspect the ones being called upon to "give back" are not the ones who got the "free money".

    America NEEDS a "flush and rebuild", not spend all of our assets to keep the same bad turds floating.
  4. Free? giving money to high risk borrowers is just plain stupid. I don't see anything wrong with the banks paying for there mistakes.

    It will keep them from making the same mistakes over and over.
  5. Exactly! What are we really talking about when we hear that the banks need to "recapitalize"? In the real world that's like some drunk saying I blew my paycheck on booze and hookers, now I can't pay my house note. I need a loan, don't know when or if I'll pay you back, and I don't need anyone looking over my shoulder telling me how to manage my money.
    This plan is doomed to fail because it does nothing to address the real problem.
  6. Arnie


    No way that happens. Why would you expect these guys to suddenly find religion? They presided over the biggest increase in govt in 60 years. Sarbanes-Oxley; Grahamm-Leach-Bliley; A new cabinet post; record spending increases; a president with ONE veto to his name in almost 8 years and it wasn't a spending bill. I could on.

    This thing passes. Then we have the inquisitions!:D :D
  7. The deal is going through like it or not.

    I hate the idea of it and called my congressmen and state representatives and told them so and will with a vote.
    Anybody who is complaining and not at least making a call should stop whining.
    For those who lose it will be your own fault for doing nothing in regards to your own assets
  8. Yes 250 billion then 100 billion to follow if needed. Now I here Republicans are not going to support any bailout :confused: