Republicans: Listen Up and Do As I Say

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  1. The republican leadership is so inept you don't know whether to pity them or despise them. Somehow, they have put themselves into a position where the media are successfully convincing the public that republicans are extremists who are threatening the economy just to annoy democrats. "Hold the economy hostage" to use today's talking points.

    Let's ignore the part where the republicans are also painted as tireless defenders of the rich and powerful, who obviously have far more at stake in getting this debt ceiling raised. Or the fact that they are on their third plan at least while the dems have not passed or even presented one plan.

    One major problem for republicans is their message is muddled. One group says hold the line, another wants some sort of bargain with obama and others just desperately want it all to go away with no fingers pointing at them. Democrats have been more on message, vilifying republicans without actually producing anything themselves. Cynical but effective.

    Republicans need to simplify their message. Pay attention, I am about to give it to you:




    Keep the explanation simple: Obama has run up several trillion in new debt, mainly on failed pork barrel spending. We cannot afford any more. Promises to cut medicare ten years from now are not credible. We have an immediate problem and we need an immediate solution, an across the board freeze.

    Some spending is more improtant than others, a point Obama does not seem to grasp. An effective leader will reallocate from less important to more important priorities. There is plenty of money to pay for them, but we cannot go deeper in the hole.

    Unfortunately, republicans allowed themselves to be sidetracked by Obama into fruitless discussions of "grand bargains". Those talks were designed to take this issue off the table until after the next election and spare obama the need to cut anything while allowing him to posture as a "leader." So their message became diluted. Now is the time to drive the point home. We cannot go on this way and we have to stop running up the credit card balance. Freeze spending now.
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    Max E.

    I agree, instead of coming out with a proposal to "cut 2 trillion" (which wasnt even a legitimate cut,) they should have just came to the public and said that all they want to do is freeze spending. Unfortunately "cutting 2 trillion" sounds alot more like they are doing something, so they are appeasing people who want cuts, whereas all they had to do was freeze government spending for 5 years and we would have been miles ahead of the 2 trillion in cuts.

    Democrats would have had a tough time trying to demagogue the issue when we are running 1.5 trillion dollar deficits, and all they proposed was to freeze spending, cant see how any logical person could come to the conclusion that freezing spending amidst a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit was a bad idea.
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    Rand Paul was on TV just a little while ago saying all we need to do is freeze spending where it is for 10 years or even cut 1% per year for the next 10 years and the problem is solved.

    Can the Senate and the President even do that? Nooooooo.

    If Boehner would stop talking about $ Trillions in cuts and say we want spending frozen at 2009 levels, I think the entire country would support those words and action.

    Unfortunately, I don't think any politicians visit the P&R to see what we have to say.
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    Max E.

    Thats what proves that this is basicvally a hopeless proposition, if we cant cut spending based on future growth of government, where all we are doing is slowing down the growth of government we are screwed.

    We wouldnt even need the 1% year cuts, that would only be320 billion per year off the budget after eight years of 1% cuts, we could essnetially balance the budget just by freezing spending for 8 years.

    For the life of me I cant even understand how these jackasses in the government ever came to the conclusion that it was a good idea to raise spending YOY when we are running 1.5 trillion dollar deficits. There isnt a person/business in the world that could remain solvent doing something that stupid.
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    If you have an iPhone it is easy to make your views known to all your members of Congress, the Senate and the President. Just download the Visible Vote app and plug in your zip code and type your message. It gets emailed to all of them.