Republicans just mad they got the real chimp, I mean chump

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bxptone, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I guess I see why all the racism is now coming out. Republicans showing their true bitch selves.
  2. Obama looks way more like a chimp than Bush.

    And what about Michelle? She is an ugly chimp.
  3. fhl


    Top 10 Reasons President Barack H. Obama Is Nothing Like Travis the Chimp

    10. Travis understood TurboTax
    9. Obama somewhat less likely to attack Biden
    8. Travis never lied
    7. Obama's smile not quite as genuine
    6. Travis could get through entire day without teleprompter
    5. Obama takes more long-term approach to destroying people's lives
    4. Might actually be possible to get copies of Travis's medical records
    3. Obama much better at taking orders from trainer, David Axelrod
    2. Travis really didn't befriend William Ayers
    1. Obama only talks your ear off

  4. We might have to be careful here. Obama might get mad and try to eat our face off.
  5. OBAMA is not good for america and the world, he is gonna trigger off protectionist policies all over the world while instituting the cult of OBAMA NATION in the USA.

    HE MUST absolutely be stopped:mad:

    How can we stop him????:mad:
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    Wonder what happens the first person who dares to compare the great messiah Obama to a chimp? No one denies that Bush was a disaster, but for all the "Change" he was supposed to be bringing to me it pretty much looks like Bush part 3 so far with your guy. You people have no class at all.
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    dont forget to vote
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  10. If I were inclined to say something that is in really poor taste, I would say that the regime change from Bush to Obama is nothing but chump...err, chimp change.
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