Republicans in trouble

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  1. Cannot even hold a Republican seat in Mississippi.


    Republican brings up Obama and Reverend Wright in television commercials, calling the Democrat an Obama liberal. Republicans spend over $1 million to RETAIN a long-time Republican seat in MISSISSIPPI.

    What happens? Democrat beats Republican by 8 points in high turnout special election.
  2. Yes, the Democrat won because Joe Sixpack sees Four Dollar Gas and all the good factory jobs are gone. Joe also knows that while he's barely getting by the fatcats of the world got filthy rich, mostly at his expense.

    Joe Sixpack has heard all the Limbaugh/Fox News propaganda lies like Obama is a Muslim, Democrats are weak on security, etc. and it's not working anymore. Joe Sixpack instinctively knows that the current Republicans in power created this whole mess and its time to throw the bums out.

    Obama 55% McCain 45% in the fall. That 45% will be true-blue Republicans plus the KKK vote.
  3. Unfortunately for Joe Sixpack he believes the lies spread by the Democratic party and the mainstream media as can be demonstrated by the quotation below.

    What Joe Sixpack isn't being told is the Democrats are the ones who signed NAFTA and the Democrats are the ones who are preventing the US from becoming self sufficient when it comes to energy.

    The Democrats energy plan cosists solely on "alternative fuels" and conservation.

    NO nuclear
    NO further exploration

    The problem is that "alternative fuels" are starving people and conservation only works when demand is centralized, now that China and India are in the game and sucking up every drop they can get any conservation on our side is outweighed by demand from another.

    Joe Sixpack will at some point realize his beloved Democrats are idiots. That's not to say the Republicans aren't either.

  4. wjk


    Seems to me that the dems got elected on a promise of lower gas. What happened to that?

    Maybe one just needs to recall how the dems always hated Americans paying less for gas. Now they have the power, and we have higher gas prices. Coincidence?
  5. no chance.

    that's like saying California should vote republican cause they have had a republican governor so long. never going to happen. two different people.

    Obama will never get he working class white vote, nor the Hispanic vote. racism? hell yes, but its still a fact that he won't get that vote.