republicans have another meme.obama said "you cant change washington from the inside"

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  1. the "you didnt build it alone"canard worked so well for the republicans(not)that they have picked up on another cutsie phrase. orders went out overnight to fox republican news and rush to make a big deal about this too.

    Obama: 'You can't change Washington from the inside'

    Four years after Barack Obama campaigned on a promise of "hope and change," he now is admitting that a president isn't able to change Washington "from the inside" -- an admission that rival Mitt Romney promptly blasted as "the white flag of surrender."
  2. Lucrum


    Obama is a religious ignorant affirmative action gaffe machine.

    Why can't you just admit it?
  3. no such thing as gaffe for Obama, that's for Republicans.

    Anything that comes out of Obama's golden mouth is gospel truth
  4. wjk


    I guess this means we're finally done blaming bush (not). It should be a campaign issue, don't you think? I mean, he sang a different song when he got elected, didn't he? It is a big deal.
  5. Ricter


    So did Romney say the same thing, in 2008, but now he's saying the opposite.
  6. wjk


    My comments aren't about Romney, their about O. Nice try at the dodge, though.
  7. well since its the republicans in charge of total gridlock it probably should be an issue.
  8. Dem's show Romney stating ' can't change Washington from the inside...' back when campaigning against McCain. How funny, another meme gone bad. Really tough couple of weeks for Romney.
  9. Ricter


    Oh, I wasn't trying to deny what Obama said, only point out that Romney is worse. I guess I could have started my own thread for that. But, it's all good.
  10. wjk


    Fair enough. We already know Romney is a flip flopper. Nothing new there. Certainly qualifies for a campaign issue. Could you post the link where Romney made the comment that you can't change Washington from the inside, just to satiate my curiosity?
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