Republicans Filibuster Bill To Repeal Oil Subsidies

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  1. republicans have failed every oppertunity to actually make spending cuts:

    as expected, a Democratic bill that would have stripped big oil companies of multi-billion annual tax subsidies failed to overcome a Republican filibuster Tuesday evening.
  2. Welfare for the fit and able and I would include oil companies in that category at present are immoral and socially corrosive.
  3. Lol.

    You guys are great entertainment.
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    Another confirmation of who the reptilicans actually represent.
  5. Industry margins are pretty poor.

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    lol, nice
  7. Always was where the biggest crooks live. The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn anything from history.
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    Don't the democraps still control the senate and the WH? Didn't the republicans try to get spending cuts the dems refused to agree to?

    Which is another reason why most of the true conservatives here on ET despise what the Republican party has become almost as much as you do, and you know it. So...who is it you're trying to convince?
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    Fair enough. Perhaps the title of this thread should be, "Some of the One-Percenters filibuster a bill to repeal oil industry subsidies written by some other One-Percenters".

    ; )
  10. Please list the "subsidies" big oil gets; last I checked they don't get any. Things like wind power and solar get huge subsidies that should and could be cut to zero.

    And, wtf about ethanol that gets a HUGE friggin' subsidy and takes about the same amount of energy to produce as it contains.

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