Republicans encourage naked shorts

Discussion in 'Economics' started by omegapoint, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. They are Republican appointees at the SEC and the same companies are on the SHO list all the time. Enforcing naked shorts would mean "big government" interference. That combined with the elimination of the uptick rule tells you something is up where the sun don't shine. Paulsons plan, to consolidate functions into fewer agencies so as to create "consistency" will result in a shortage of manpower with the resultant case loads backing up and even slower enforcement. This may give Republicans more time to build the enconomy by not interferring with the freedom to do business as anyone sees fit. They think about enforcement the way they think about borrowing -- let's put it off and maybe it'll go away ..or we'll get away ( ..."got those Haliburton contracts Don.
    Yea Dick, this'll be over by January and we'll be sittin pretty except for that war crimes charge Germany has on me. ) China and Japan already own America -- and our wealthy, they're global and don't have a country ( what is patriotism anyway? is it people, land, values, all three, take your pick?) save for a source to create wealth then its off to Lichtenstein to deposit the hard earned funds.
  2. Legal counterfeiting of shares. How pathetic. File a complaint with the`SEC. If they get a few thousand complaints, maybe they will get the message.

    I think they should be required to borrow the shares that day, or cover via MOC.
  3. Wall Street is ran by Jews, Jews are Democrats.

  4. File a complaint with the SEC? Have you guys been in a cave? They've blocked us now for the better part of three years. You never heard of Reg SHO and comment letters?

    You are right though. But , man, they're killing us.
  5. I've filed a couple of complaints on it. Nothing will ever happen to stop it unless they have a lot of complaints.