Republicans Eager To Surrender

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  1. If anyone needed reminding why they call them the Stupid Party, republican governors stepped up to the plate to confirm that description. At the recent Republican Governors Conference, surely a happy place, various stars of the party demonstrated their utter stupidity in an effort to impress the mainstream media.

    The common theme was that yes, they were now ready to accept higher tax rates, provided they could get some reforms on Social Securtity and Medicare. After all, as Gov. McDonnell of Virginia stated, the people have spoken. I guess the people who voted for Romney or republican congressmen didn;t speak or their voices don't count now.

    So let's make sure we understand their negotiating position. They want to give away the issue of massive tax increases on their own constituents in exchang for forcing the democrats to enact unpopular cuts in the two most popular entitlement programs. So the dems can claim they didn;t want to cut medicare and SS but the mean old republicans forced them to. Brilliant. And in exchange for getting strapped to the third rail of American politics, they offer up their own base to get screwed.

    Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

    Even if that is their position, it is a lousy negotiating strategy. They have given away all their leverage before the bargaining even starts. It's like you walk into a car dealer and say to the salesman, I'm not leaving here without a car, no matter what, so let's talk price. Who is really that dumb? Uhh, republican leaders apparently.
  2. The GOP got hammered, and they are reeling behind that. They understand they have to soften up, but they have no plan on how to do that.

    They want to look like they are ready to work with the President.
  3. they want to do it with marketing. not with actual policies.
  4. Yeah, I understand that, but they are going to sell out their current supporters to try to appeal to people who wouldn't vote for them under any circumstances. Then they will get blamed for slashing medicare and SS. How is that going to help them?
  5. They have to show the message that they were willing to do a deal, and then run fast and hard away from the hard right.

    Steele orchestrated a successful assault on the left. Obama will most likely overreach, especially if the GOP is hardheaded and Pelosi regains power in the house.

    The GOP has get to their core values, which is about how the money in Washington is spent. They have repudiate the Akins of the party, just as the dems marginalized Helms on the national stage.

    This a golden opportunity for the GOP to have a Micheal Vick moment, and then take advantage of that.
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    You absolutely do not have a clue.
  7. yeah, which is why I have been right about every single political prognostication I have made,:)

    You, otoh, are a parolee from ET jail for opening your yap one too many times.

    Now what was that about a clue?:D
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    That does not mean you have a clue genius.

    I bet the supreme court would do their job and uphold the Constitution. Theoretically at least, a good bet.

    Again, you have no clue. You simply spew baseless largely meaningless bull shit in a vain attempt to sound like you know what you're talking about. You have utterly deluded yourself into thinking you're impressive. But the only ones impressed are the foolish. But please, carry on.

  9. Short answer: We won.:)
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    "We" the people as in productive tax payers LOST. The nation LOST.

    Only the parasite/entitlement/AA/free loader classes and their dumb fuck bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders "won".

    Not that you're smart enough to see it or honest enough to admit it.
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