Republicans Drop Voter Suppression Tactic in Ohio

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  1. COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit against the state’s chief elections official over the handling of voter registration verifications after Republicans asked that it be tossed.

    The move ends a court battle that had the potential to affect the ability of roughly 200,000 newly registered voters to cast a ballot in a crucial swing state. It had become a flash point for partisan accusations, with Democrats and voting rights groups accusing Republicans of trying to disenfranchise voters whose driver’s license and Social Security numbers didn’t match other government databases.

    Republicans claimed Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, was trying to cover up fraud.

  2. Looks like a victory for voter fraud.
  3. The Republican supreme court agreed with the State Sec of state that the GOP wanted to enforce draconian requirements, so Draconian that even Joe the plumber wouldn't be allowed to vote :) (he has a two letter discrepancy btw his driving list and his name as listed on the voting registry, wurzelbacker vs Worzelbucher....sthg to that effect)

    To call 2008 GOP a disgrace is an understatement..

    sounds to me like the first election where Black people will be allowed to "vote"
  4. The GOP wanted cross check info sent to the precincts for verification if there were discrepancies. BTW, I thought you put me on ignore. I guess you lied about that as well.

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  5. Thank you, I like that guy. he "predicted" the coming bust sort of. The same way I'm predicting the DEMs will swipe the floor with GOP asshats like you
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  6. Second the comment, this republikan tactic is what disenfranchised Joe the Unvetted Plumber and leads to this come January:


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