Republicans don't believe in anything, except winning an election, Lee Atwater story

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  1. "Republicans don't believe in anything, except winning an election." That was what Lee Atwater brought to the Republican party.

    Great documentary on PBS:

    In Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story, producer Stefan Forbes reveals new information about the meteoric rise and tragic demise of a man both admired and reviled for the controversial, sometimes racially-charged political tactics that helped elect George H.W. Bush president and inspired protégés such as Karl Rove. Through a wealth of compelling, never-before-seen footage and photos, as well as interviews with boyhood friends, elite Republican strategists and political adversaries, the documentary examines Atwater's impact on the way modern political campaigns are waged.

    "[Lee Atwater] mattered in American politics," Newsweek political writer Howard Fineman says, "because of the man he got elected, because of the party he shaped. He was very important not only to George H.W.'s victory, but to his son's victory."
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    Based on how they've done over the past 8 years I don't see how you can even claim they care about winning. They say they do and they sure don't care about principles. But they also don't act like they want to win. Sure, McCain goes all over the country campaigning. But WTF did they put up some guy who's barely a republican and almost switched sides to take a potential VP slot as their main guy?

    How many times do they think they can stand up high and piss on their base? "FY, you have no choice, we're putting up the biggest big government tax and spender we can find." You don't do that if you want to win. Look at amnesty for illegals, for instance. Or Bush adding an extra zero to the debt!

    I wish Rove were as smart and crafty as the left claims. 1/2 as smart. 1/10 as crafty, even.
  3. Rove put W into the White House. That in itself is a monumental achievement. W made a lot of money out of it and will retire peacefully.
  4. Karl Rove was the architect of GWBush's political success. He also learned his dirty tricks from Atwater.


    Excerpt from Karl Rove: The Architect
    The young Karl Rove was a protégé of Atwater, who helped him out a few times. Here's a glimpse of one incident, from FRONTLINE's 2005 report.

    A young Karl Rove worked for the Nixon campaign being interviewed by Dan Rather.

  5. "Republicans don't believe in anything, except winning an election." This was a quote from a conservative columnist, Robert Novak, and not some liberal critic.

    Another quote from the Republican governor of South Carolina: " Republicans campaigned on one promise and governed with a different set of interest".

    These were some of the reasons Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008.
  6. Some pundits are saying that after all these years of republican bullshit and 4 years of Obama bullshit in the face of the coming economic perfect storm that both the main parties may be relegated to third party status... I'm hoping that Libertarians or any constitution party can come to the front and stop this insanity.. the real powers that be don't want the insanity stopped at all, that's the problem... google "total onslaught" videos for some education if you are of a mind..
  7. So liberals giving illegal immigrants driver licenses has nothing to do with attracting votes?

    Liberals would do just about anything to grab votes.
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    so, it wasn't the 62+ million votes cast for Bush that put him in office? It was Rove?

    I've met a lot of left leaning people ... and I've (secrectly) wanted to hit virtually all of them in the face.
  9. What are you smoking? Bush got 50,456,002 votes in2000.

    The point, which totally escapes you, is that a degenerate alcoholic until his 40s, a failed businessman, a retard, a silver spooned anti-midas had no business being in the white house. Karl Rove turned that trash into 43rd president.

    W has no business managing a lemonade stand much less any enterprise of complexity or importance.

  10. Hey Joe,

    That sure is a whole lot of retards.

    It's too bad mcCain lost.

    I sure would have liked to see these retards on tv boiling shoes for food.

    Serves them right for voting in bush twice.
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