republicans could lose a whole generation of young people.

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  1. How doomed are conservatives? Pretty doomed, if you look carefully at the Pew Research Survey’s close analysis of the youth vote in the 2012 elections. The Republicans’ long-term dilemma has generally been framed in racial terms, but it’s mainly a generational one. The youngest generation of voters contains a much smaller proportion of white voters than previous generations, and those whites in that generation vote Republican by a much smaller margin than their elders. What’s more, younger voters supported President Obama during the last two election cycles for reasons that seem to go beyond the usual reasons — social issues like gay marriage and feminism, immigration policy, or Obama’s personal appeal — and suggest a deeper attachment to liberalism. The proclivities of younger voters may actually portend a full-scale sea change in American politics.
  2. A whole generation of young people may never know what it is to have a decent job.
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    A generation of welfare queens and free loaders?

    I don't think the GOP ever had them to begin with.
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    wait until they get their obamacare bill. at the moment its slate to go up over 40 percent. Unless the rule is changes.

    Which is scary... we now have the Federal govt dictating health care premiums and if you dont pay your taxes go up. What if you dont pay your taxes?
  5. You mean, a whole generation of mexicans.
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    Wait till these youngsters figure out that they are footing the bill for Obamacare.
  7. They're already starting to default en-masse on student loans. There is no question they will be the "brokest" generation. Someone explain to me "where and how" the demand will be there once the boomer's are all living off SS and their ZIRP ravaged retirement plans (if those aren't confiscated as well in the next 10-15 years).
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    What happened to this generation from the 60s and 70s that was supposed to be so liberal?

    It didnt exactly pan out did it.
  9. There are hordes of them, but they are mostly self-serving "do as I say, not as I do" types. Think Nancy Pelosi.
  10. The guaranteed pensions are the biggest boondoggle in this entire fiasco. It would be slightly more palatable if treasuries were at their historical norms of 5+%, but in a ZIRP world where even a retiree not receiving a defined benefit plan would have a hard time generating that annual income stream, it's downright criminal in this environment.

    I still argue that we have not realized the full repurcussions of ZIRP just yet. Rolling out and into all of these 1-3% yields is just going to continue to strain the states that have these huge pension obligations. The crisis just somehow gets pushed aside every year as they buy a few more years time.
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