Republicans can block reconciliation vote from taking place on health care.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Mar 2, 2010.

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    GOP strategists have indicated that they can prevent Senate Democrats from taking a reconciliation vote on this disaster health care legislation.
    It would work like this: If the original Senate bill passes the House (a big if), the Democrats would then bring the bill back to the Senate to incorporate some changes that the House wants. Then the bill would allow for only 20 hours of debate before a final Senate vote must be taken. "HOWEVER", reconciliation rules allow for the Republicans to offer "UNLIMITED" amendments to the bill which must be voted on first, before any final reconciliation vote could take place. The only sticking point on the GOP amendments is that they must be germane to the health bill. So, in essence, the GOP could offer up hundreds, if not thousands of amendments that must be put on record, then voted on before Democrats could proceed to a final reconciliation vote. And with this Democrat monstrosity exceeding 2000+ pages, the Republicans could easily come up with several thousand amendments. So basically, the GOP could bring the Democrat reconciliation bill to a screeching halt, and could delay any final vote for several weeks, if not months. The process of bringing up just one amendment, getting it on record, then having it voted on could take approx. 30 minutes per amendment. The only way Democrats could stop this amendment process is by having 60 Senate votes to cut off the process, which they no longer have.
    The Republicans should come up with enough amendments to prevent the Democrats from trying to ram this bill down out throats, and can stall this whole process until after the November elections, when the Democrats will get slaughtered. The bill can then die the death that it so rightfully deserves. This will be the GOP Senate strategy if it comes down to it, and it would absolutely work!!! :D