Republicans are stupid, its not the budget, immigration, or Iraq, Its GAYS!!! LOL

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 6, 2006.

Do you think Republicans are stupid,they say whats important now is GAy admendment

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  1. LOL the republicans are idiots. Lets see whats are the big issues with the united states. Its not immigration, taxes, budget, katrina, disaster prepardness, terriosm, bird flu, education, and it keeps going on. Its freaking gays. You only spend so many days in session in congress, and you decide to focus on a subject that panders to one group, that has no way of passing. LOL Elite trader republicans you have to admit, this is a stupid subject, when you have so many other important issues that are way more important.
  2. maxpi


    Lots of people think that even having to debate about homosexuals is crazy. But the problem has been pushed up to national importance by the gay marriage thing that is going on. Synagogues and Churches are going to get sued out of existence of they refuse to perform gay marriages, and many will, so really, it is an effort by the left to destroy religious conservatism in the USA.

    Ted Kennedy thinks that gas prices are more important of an issue BTW.
  3. but maxpi, you have Iraq and afghanistan. Terriosm. The freaking budget. Immigration. All of these to deal with. And they havent gotten these important issues yet. But they focus on gay marriage. If you ask the common person, would you rather have the government focusing on education, iraq, terriosm, the budget, or gay marriage. what do you think they will say. And I dont know about you, if the republicans thought marriage was so sanctify how come they interfered with the terry schiavo case. I thought frist said the husband had no control over his infirm wife.

  4. lol. P.T. Barnum proved right, yet again.

    you can't blame them for trying -- and if they can get away with distracting people from this string of political disasters by shoveling the same transparently-false crap TWICE, after completely ignoring it for the last 2 years, it would be a true show of brilliance.