republicans are running scared now that the economy is getting better without them.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Free Thinker, Mar 1, 2012.

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    It would be, IF there actually was one. The jury still seems to be out.
  2. Yep. All those millions of people have got their jobs back. Everything is rosy.
  3. things are getting better. there are places where there is a shortage of workers.
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    Maybe they don't want to be forced to join a union.
  5. Can we agree that things are 'better' but not great? Or is that too easy.

    And, a question, not a flame ingiter I hope. The budget. I see that Reid says we don't need one due to the agreement on the debt ceiling last Summer. Each side is pointing fingers, as is to be expected. Does anyone here see a possible compromise? Anything that can be done before the darn election?

    And, I don't mean 'do it our way' or 'they won't listen' - to anyone here who has followed the budget process, I would like to hear some new ideas.

  6. we are in total gridlock. nothing much will happen until after the next election. republicans dont know the meaning of compromise.
  7. Pffttt.. we'll go from gridlock to lame duck.
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    Nice reading comprehension Non Thinker.
  9. I agree with the gridlock statement. Very unfortunate. I fear it may go another few years, which is just weird. We've had a budget for 200 years, now, in this enlightened era, we can't even agree on a federal budget.

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