Republicans are only against the public option.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. It seems the whole big stink is really just about the public option.

    If the Public option is dropped they will go along with the 2000+ page bill.

    So if I was going to read the real message, the bottom line is they just want private insurance companies to be subsidized with taxpayer money and lots of it.
  2. maxpi


    Republicans are in a pickle... socialists set up the US to completely implode with unfunded mandates decades ago and they have no qualms about adding more either... they think they are going to accomplish a full takeover of the US but the thing is, they are idiots, they started that shit when the stories about the Soviet Union being a worker's paradise were believed.. then the Berlin Wall came down, we looked and we saw a completely impoverished society that was not healthy and was hungry for some moral absolutism.... but morons being what they are, they continue on... Republicans could try to be the party of no spending but the Democrats will just get in power at some point and up the spending to the limit.. so the Republicans spend on their stuff.. it's like "hey, if we're going to the limit and beyond at least let's get something while we can"....

    I voted for the High Speed Rail project in California because I resent the money wasted on lazy pieces of shit on welfare, foreigners come here and get on the dole for Godz sake... I say, starve that shit out...