Republicans are now running with Clinton?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. This is starting to get funny. Not only they refuse to be shown with Bush, now they start to brag about working with Clinton!

    GOP Rep. Clay Shaw is running the first Republican ad we've ever heard hailing the accomplishments of President...Clinton. The narrator's first words in the radio spot, delivered in an upbeat tone, are: "President Clinton is coming to South Florida this week!" The ad then runs through all of Shaw's successes working with the former President. Its conclusion: "So as Palm Beach County welcomes Bill Clinton to town, let’s say thank you to Clay Shaw. He’s independent and effective."

    I seem to remember that Rick Santorum did something similar. What happened to all those "conservative values?"
  2. I live in Shaw's district.

    You're missing the point (not your fault, the blog that you linked doesn't explain much, hence it's a BLOG, lol). Clinton was in town fundraising for Shaw's opponent! The ad tries to explain how Shaw (a moderate Republican) worked well with Clinton in the bipartisan climate of the late 90's.

    Shaw is hardly running away from Bush. BOTH the President and Vice President have campaigned in SoFla on Shaw's behalf in the past several weeks........

  3. I guessed that this must have been the case. But not a single Republican saw the need to show that they worked with Clinton while he was in the Whitehouse. In fact, they were damn proud that they impeached him.

    So what happened to the "conservative values?"