republicans are hypocrites when it comes to spending cuts.

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    For a guy who insists that federal bureaucrats make too much money, incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sure doesn't mind handing out handsome government raises of his own.

    Cantor, the Virginia Republican who has led the GOP charge this year to freeze federal salaries, has boosted his congressional office's payroll by 81 percent since coming to Congress in 2001 _ about 8 percent per year through 2009. When he became minority whip last year, the office's personnel expenses went up by at least 16 percent.
    Firebrand Republican Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has for months pushed legislation to freeze what she calls "unconscionable" federal salaries. Meanwhile, her own payroll jumped 16 percent between 2007, when she came to Congress, and 2009.

    _ Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican set to chair the House subcommittee overseeing the federal work force, says Washington must "figure out how to do more with less." But the freshman lawmaker gave his own employees an average raise of about 9 percent this year.

    _ Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who has long criticized federal pay, has overseen an average jump of 8 percent per year in his office employee costs between 2006, his first full year in the Senate, and 2009
  2. Yes, they are hypocrites. Hence the Tea Party.
  3. What ever happened to the tea party ...somebody screw the lid back down on their jar? You don't hear from them as much as we did this past summer. I know, its getting cold outside now, so I guess they've all just, as I picture them, taken to screaming at their tv sets at home. "YOU CAN'T INSPECT MY FOOD"
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    They're probably taking a breather, after the ass kicking the democrats got in the mid term elections.

  5. Doubtless working people will now enjoy increases in their lifestyles. Cody wants a pony.
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    Probably not while Dumbo is still POTUS
    I don't know who Cody is, but screw him. He can pay for his own pony.

  7. Cody did pay for his own pony in a roundabout way via the entrepenurial magic of slave labor.